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  1. BurnedToast Oct 20, 2012

    this group looks dead -w-

  2. 95Elizabeth Sep 11, 2012

    Lol, reading these posts make you all happily depressed xD Ugh, we should have a rule about never ever mentioning orpheuz again (joking.) I swear if he was still around, I'd tattoo is name on my wrist and be his slave for eternity.

    I accepted your friend request, Rai. Sorry. I just get a lot of those and I have a bad habit of ignoring them xD Vat's still around... He's actually the only I continued to talk to after I quit MT. What happened anyway? I don't think it was a slow drift...

    Anyway, it doesn't matter. Hope all of your lives are doing well or at least going somewhere. Though it is sometimes easier to stay still.

    Take care, loves. <3

  3. RaiMinakami18 Apr 01, 2012

    @Eli = Hey there Princess
    Glad to hear from you again ^^

    @Orph = Damn Orph... If your reading this up there, we really miss you man...

    We're still getting new members? Ahahaha
    Damn this reminds me of the good old days where everyone just can't shut up.
    It's always so loud here, people messing around, taking care of our little princess Eli, Bumble-Bee commonly know as BB our local chocobo here frequently getting targeted,, Orph our page designer, Rorenzu (LZ), nik, vat, and everyone else^^

    merged: 04-01-2012 ~ 02:23pm
    For the Record, the only one's added up in my facebook
    from the old crew are
    Nick, BB, and Krys...
    Waiting for approval from princess
    and I haven;t got the contacts from the rest of the old crew yet

  4. Bumble-Bee Mar 19, 2012

    Heya, welcome to Forever Friends. :D

    Yes, I know, there is barely anyone here. Trust me, it was much more livelier... er, 4 years ago. ^^; The members are probably very busy in real life... And yes, it can't be helped Just hoping that they could visit this page once in a while....

    BTW, I love your avatar. Cute chick from Pandora Hearts.
    You read the manga?

  5. B-BRabbit Mar 18, 2012

    Hi ^^

  6. 95Elizabeth Oct 21, 2011

    I doubt anyone will ever read this but, I miss you guys. Sorry for being such a bitch when I was younger. Hey, I was 10, okay? I just want to kill myself for what I did to Orpheuz and all the rest of you. I'm so, so sorry. My email and skype's in the chat box if anyone ever reads this.

    This will probably be my last post on here. God, I miss this. I miss orpheuz, I miss all of you, so, so much.

  7. Dancerinthedark Aug 13, 2011

    Yahohoo!New here^_^
    I hope i can make more friends!Tomodachi!

  8. Bumble-Bee Jun 11, 2011

    Only 1 hour difference, no prob! :D
    Yep, same here. Things get really hectic here as well.
    I'm preparing my first presentation ever in front of my bosses next Wed.

    Wish me luck! Tuturu~n! ^^

  9. RaiMinakami18 Jun 11, 2011

    im visiting this place at least once a week
    quite busy as well in my end >.<
    Time zone is at gmt +8.00

  10. Bumble-Bee Jun 06, 2011

    *cleaning the room*

    Helloo~ Anyone here?
    Busy, I know. ^^; But, hey, let's just make this group alive again, shall we?

    So, what are you waiting for? Set MT as one of your bookmark and.. we're all set!

    I'm not really busy ATM, so I'll be visiting MT often. Oh, FYI, my timezone is GMT + 7.00.

    OK then, hope to get in touch with you all again. Let's make this thread as lively as ever! Tuturuu~un!

  11. RaiMinakami18 May 13, 2011

    Is there anyone alive in this group?
    Damn... its been a while since ive been here...

    Plus I just found out about orph recently... damn... he really is gone...
    plus he is one who made this page look good when we started making this group
    ForeverFriends, along with the rest of the crew...

    if any of the old crew that still visits here...
    leave me a message or better yet if you have an facebook account
    give me you e mail so that i can add you up

  12. vatican92 Jul 25, 2010

    I stayed in Cainta Rizal near Antipolo
    Pretty polluted and desolate there but personally I think it was better than Makati or Ortigas
    Where are u rorenzu?
    Yup got into a college in Korea and I'm gonna stay here for a while but I'm already missing the Philis

  13. rorenzu Jul 21, 2010

    aw..too bad!
    where did you stay Vat?
    well, I am definitely busy.. I'm doing my Thesis now.
    but I try to drop by once in a while!
    congratulations in your graduate then..n_n
    will you pursue a course for college?
    Goodluck with that! n_n

    merged: 07-21-2010 ~ 10:26am
    aw..too bad!
    where did you stay Vat?
    well, I am definitely busy.. I'm doing my Thesis now.
    but I try to drop by once in a while!
    congratulations in your graduate then..n_n
    will you pursue a course for college?
    Goodluck with that! n_n

  14. vatican92 Jul 17, 2010

    Well everyone seems.... absolutely dead
    hey well if anyone comes back here... Well anyway I sorta missed MT so I came back.. I dunno for how long but.. meh
    Anyway I graduated high school and came back to Korea
    Too bad I didnt have the chance to meet rorenzu or rai back in the Filippines but u guys seem busy too
    Just droppin by people

  15. rorenzu Jun 21, 2010

    Hey! droppin' by again! n_n What a STRESSFUL day just sitting in the Library the whole day for research. Hahahahah! n_n'
    anyway, I don't really mind, just enjoy your time n_n.
    Yeah, I hope people would stick here even once in a while.
    I somehow miss everyone though, let's face it, we didn't really meet in person , but we had great times before (just chatting to everyone).

    I'm really into Music though Music ain't into me. Hahahahah! n_n' I hardly can't read Music sheets, rather, I use my ears to play and a little knowledge with just chords. Anyway, If I'll have time, I want to expand my knowledge in playing Piano and VIolin.
    Music and Art, I love them both!

    Anyway, anybody here pursuing Architecture? Hahahah!
    I hope to exchange knowledge with you colleagues!

  16. nikorai Jun 08, 2010

    Je suis ravi de te voir!
    Et pardon pour ma r

  17. ennostiel May 29, 2010

    @ Nikorai:

    bonsoir :-)
    comment vas-tu?

  18. nikorai May 06, 2010


    Geez, Rorenzu-san, it

  19. rorenzu May 06, 2010

    Wow! Let's see... There's Vatican, Nikorai, Ennostiel (I recognize him from commenting in my posted artworks) Thank you so much by the way! and there's Rai!

    well, How's everyone!
    as for me, I almost died! Hahahah! but anyway, I'm still alive!

    Supposedly, I am to graduate this school year (2009-2010)
    but I screwed up my Thesis.
    And I have to graduate this year. T_T
    I have to. I have to.
    Thesis' left for the whole year.

    But recently, I've been to more playing and less working on my Thesis. I stopped my part-time job but plans to apply for another.
    I've also been learning Piano and Violin.
    but then again, more on Playing.
    (Video Games)

    well, I hope we get a reunion or something! n_n
    I hope everyone visit our Group again!

    See you guys soon!
    I'll drop by whenever I can

  20. nikorai May 01, 2010


    Je suis tr

  21. ennostiel Apr 25, 2010

    coucou ^?^

    comment vas-tu?

    d'abord d

  22. nikorai Apr 10, 2010


    Salut! Comment ca va?

    Ici, tout va bien comme toujours.
    Merci pour toutes les r

  23. ennostiel Mar 27, 2010

    Salut Nikorai ^^
    comemnt vas-tu?

  24. nikorai Mar 15, 2010


    Je suis en retard comme toujours.
    Ca va bien, tout est parfait, merci. Et toi, ca va ?

    Merci beaucoup pour les liens.
    Tes animaux, les chats et la ratte, sont tr

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